like you
i'm a slut
17. red. senior. never saw you coming. frustrated hipster. i expected a life occupied by normal people but instead, i am pervaded by unwanted peasants.
Love back then gave me happiness but in the end, it gave me the sadness of breaking up
Breaking up back then gave me sadness but now it gives me good memories rather than pain



this is a metaphor for my life

that poor fucking cat is so confused

after a few messages an a revisit to this post, i’ve decided that this is not a cat


Looks like voting is still open for Favorite Character - we need everyone to #votekatniss RIGHT NOW! We’re behind!

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9 year olds worrying about what iPhone they’re getting.
When I was 9 I was worrying about whether Miley was gonna choose jake or Jessy…

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I love you!

She said that to Ed
"Roses are red / Gender is performative / Mass-market romance / Is heteronormative"Twitter (via tyleroakley)

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what if you woke up one day and you were hot

idk i’d probably open the window or something

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no really i’m funny i swear please stay

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